Our Story

TOUCH New Jersey, Inc. was formed in 2003 operating as a “shopping food pantry” in and around the city of Camden, growing gradually and incorporating in 2007. TOUCH New Jersey has been operating in North Camden for the past three years and has impacted the local residents to the extent that over 10,000 pounds of food is distributed each Wednesday.

TOUCH New Jersey address poverty in the poorest neighborhooh of the poorest city in America by providing food and resources to individuals and needy families that survive at or below the poverty level.

From the Executive Director

Welcome to the first of what will be regular monthly updates on the TOUCH Food Bank Initiative that defines a majority of our efforts. As most of you know, TOUCH New Jersey presents an independent food outreach to the residents of North Camden. This initiative is special in that it allows the needy individuals to actually “shop” and choose from quality selections of produce, meats, dry goods, dairy and bakery.

In order to help fund our outreach we have knocked on doors from the local business community to the elected politicians, all with no help. As the Executive Director of TOUCH New Jersey, I labor with the responsibility of extracting funding in order to continue our effort that satisfies a most basic human need. In the future please look forward to updates in this space where I will outline our efforts and the resulting successes or failures. Together I hope to make TOUCH New Jersey a mainstay for the needy to simply survive.

Talk to you soon

Upcoming Events

TOUCH New Jersey will re-introduce its Healthy Cooking Classes in September in North Camden. Chef Meher Merchant will conduct classes on Saturday mornings for neighborhood residents showing families how to prepare healthy, inexpensive meals emphasizing rice, sauces and healthy meats. These classes have been filled to capacity in the past and have provided service to the North Camden community.