Our Story

TOUCH New Jersey, Inc. was formed in 2003 operating as a “shopping food pantry” in and around the city of Camden, growing gradually and incorporating in 2007. TOUCH New Jersey has been operating in North Camden for the past three years and has impacted the local residents to the extent that over 10,000 pounds of food is distributed each Wednesday.

TOUCH New Jersey address poverty in the poorest neighborhooh of the poorest city in America by providing food and resources to individuals and needy families that survive at or below the poverty level.

From the Executive Director

TOUCH is super busy this summer with outreach events throughout the Camden County area. Keep a lookout at this site for announcements on a surplus of fresh white sugar corn that TOUCH will be distributing through Camden county. There will be an average of 3500 pounds of corn distributed at various locations on specific days and times…every week. More to follow. Corn distribution will start in the last week of June.

Upcoming Events

TOUCH New Jersey is on the move as the weather starts to turn. While the Healthy Cooking for Seniors continues on the first Saturday of each month and Fresh Fruit Friday takes place at Miguel’s Pharmacy every week TOUCH turns its attention to the upcoming Spring Festival in Cramer Hill in June. Stay tuned for the date of the Festival that will include classic cars, a karate demonstration, free health screens, music rides and of course, food to be distributes from TOUCH New Jersey.

Touch is also in the process of running its annual fundraiser selling chances for a big screen television. Chances are $2 each or three for $5, Please contact Gerald Davis at 856-803-3030 if you would like to sell chances or buy them yourself.