Touch New Jersey Inc. - challenging hunger in the Camden community

Community Partnerships

Jersey Cares: TOUCH teams up weekly with the largest volunteer organization in New Jersey, which provides a steady strem of volunteers for the food pantry on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Jersey Cares boasts a data base of over 40,000 active volunteers throughout the state.

Workforce 55+: TOUCH operates in an agency relationship with the State of New Jersey in the Workforce 55+ program where low-income seniors work at the food pantry and are compensated a minimum wage to address their basic needs.

Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers: TOUCH will move to offer its input within the Camden healthcare environment. TOUCH’S Executive Director has joined the board of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers (CCHP). Participation at this level will provide TOUCH with a voice in the planning and implementation of all phases of designated healthcare in the Greater Camden Community.