Touch New Jersey Inc. - challenging hunger in the Camden community

Distribution Partners

Joseph’s House:

TOUCH NEW JERSEY provides a full, hot breakfast on the 3rd Saturday of the month at this homeless shelter, totally serviced through volunteers and food provided from the TOUCH Food Pantry.  TOUCH feeds 85 -100 shelter clients from 6:30 AM until 8:30 AM, allowing those clients to start the day with a hearty breakfast.

“TOUCH New Jersey also delivers Wawa food to the shelter three times per week, as well as a general food delivery once a week for the benefit of shelter residents.”


Healthy Cooking Classes:

TOUCH NEW JERSEY reaches out to the multi-lingual senior population in Camden by presenting a series of Healthy Cooking Classes at locations such as Northgate II Towers where residents can participate and prepare a healthy meal under the direction of TOUCH chef Meher Merchant. Seniors are able to taste the meal at completion, take home leftovers and a prepared recipe for future preparations.


TOUCH New Jersey/Urban Promise Food Co-op:

In an effort to expand its footprint, TOUCH NEW JERSEY has entered into an agreement with “Urban Promise,” a Christian education ministry, to operate a food Co-op on their campus at 36th and federal in Camden, New Jersey. This venue will operate as a second agency under the auspicious of Philabundance, and will rescue foodstuffs from sources independent of the Fairview food pantry, expanding the TOUCH New Jersey footprint, thereby providing food to even more people.The food Co-op will service 100 families, to start, and TOUCH will provide the foodstuffs along with the administrative expertise to operate the Co-op and impact the community in association with local church groups and the Urban Promise family of families.  The Co-op will be open each week, with Co-op members ‘shopping’ and choosing foods to feed their families, including healthy produce, meats, bread and dry goods.


Fair Share Northgate II: TOUCH New Jersey has partnered with the social work department at Northgate II in an effort to serve even more in need of food through Thanksgiving meals, on-site barbecues and a weekly delivery of Panera Bread products.


Fresh Start Worship Center: Pastor Frank Crosby visits the Pantry every Saturday morning and makes a pickup for his congregants at Sunday services.


Kingdom Village Ministry: TOUCH also teams up with this service ministry to distribute clothing to the needy at the food pantry, as well as community events at Joseph’s House on a regular basis.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Food Pantry: TOUCH also helps this small food pantry, located nearby in Collingswood, service their clients better by delivering food items to that pantry once a week.


The Lord’s Home: The newest service partner for TOUCH now makes a Saturday morning pickup for its food pantry on Sunday. Pastor Patrick Gaffney looks to expand its relationship with TOUCH in 2015.


Camden Area Health Education Center, inc. (AHEC): TOUCH now provides food for domestic crisis situations in partnership with AHEC, which contacts TOUCH on a 24/7 basis to assist those in domestic turmoil.


Puerto Rican Unity for Progress (PRUP): TOUCH continues to deliver food weekly for the clients at this center on Broadway in Camden.


St. Paul’s Church: This distribution partner makes a Thursday morning pickup every week to feed its clients at the church on Market Street in Camden.


Respond INC, / PATH Day Center: This distribution partner will pickup on Tuesday morning for items to feed those coming into their shelter in the daytime for various services.