_Letters From Our Clients

The following is a letter from one of our volunteers at the food pantry! Thank you Izhaunna for sharing this with us!

My name is Izhaunna and working with the food pantry has been a wonderful experience. I enjoyed helping, meeting and greeting new faces every Wednesday. The other workers were very kind to me as were the other people. I would love to work again with this same group because together they are a team. They are loyal to their work. They helped me understand quickly and easily how to use the computer. They showed me where everything was…..for a customer who needed Pampers or something else. Working with the Touch NJ Food Pantry was a great decision and I hope others will consider volunteering there also!
Thank You….Touch NJ, Izhaunna

Hi, 4/2/2014
My name is Miss Carolyn Ware and my co-worker’s name is Mrs. Jackie Coleman. We both are Camden City Crossing Guards. I am at 9th and Morgan Blvd., she is at 9th and Fairview St. Mrs. Jackie is raising her 5 grandchildren. We are struggling with this part-time job have; that’s why we both thank Touch NJ, INC, Fairview Community Baptist Church and Philabundance for providing us and everybody else that comes to the church for the food.
Miss Carolyn and Qua’zon and Mrs. Jackie


Miss Carolyn and Mrs. Jackie…..Miss Carolyn is on the right!