Rowan University – What People Say

Hello Gerald,

I just wanted to let you know that last Friday Paul provided me with food for about 200 students. When I arrive on campus we weren’t even setup and the masses were descending on us. About 75% of the food was gone within the first hour. The rest was consumed by the end of lunch. No perishable leftovers!!! Here’s the log:

Lunch from TouchNJ (mostly Starbucks products)

57 mangoes

15 parfaits

84 pastries

102 sandwiches

14 cake pops

26 Yogurt

18 bagels

2 muffins

12 snack packs

This was a very successful day! Lots of students were serviced. Lots of happy smiling faces. Lots of thank yous. It warmed my heart.

Thank you so much for supporting our students. I’ll be back tomorrow (Tuesday) for the final lunch service for the semester. I’ll start up again on Tuesday 1/21/2020.

Thank you.